Bunny in search of a story

Sometimes characters come with a story that needs to be discovered rather than invented. This fellow definitely has a tale he is anxious to tell; generally, all is revealed through the revision process. As I reimagine him across a variety of mediums, little details will emerge that will work towards the narrative that he embodies. Eventually, he will stand at the center of a story expressing the characteristics that he represents (or the person he reminds me of).

This bunny is a story that he is just twitching to tell...

This bunny has a story that he is just twitching to tell…


Early Work: Jackson Study

‘Jackson’ is the first in my specific portrait series, created to memorialize the joyful spirit of a lovely 16 year-old Dachshund who passed in 2014. The work began as a drawing from a photograph, moved into a series of drawings, and finally morphed into the first coloured work with predella.

Portrait process step one

FIrst study for Jackson drawing