Artist’s Statement & CV

Dog studies, illustration

Dog sketch, ink on paper, Strathmore journal paper, 2015

Artist’s Statement

Two years ago, I retired from an academic career in Educational Psychology to become an artist full time. I am self-taught and learn what I need as I go. My focus is on re-imagining the natural world in a variety of mediums.

Capturing a living thing in line and colour challenges me to invest more than what I see into my work. The images that catch my attention have a story to tell: a bunny at attention, a jar full of beans, even an apple core. Rendering the ghost of a subject through pencil or ink and then breathing life into it with pigment bound in water, wax, or oil on paper, fabric, board or tile, adds a unique energy that cannot be conveyed through a photograph. The completed work may morph from a drawing or painting into a collection of related works: a collage, a book, a print or etching, or a series of cards. I frequently return to rework earlier images for new forms.

I do not see a distinction between illustration and fine art; they are intertwined in a process of visual ‘telling’. Each project usually begins with initial sketches, then moves into studies from which there may be some finished drawings and/or water colours, and ends with a full-colour portrait/landscape/still life/collage oil painting, encaustic, fabric, and/or watercolour. As a separate event, I may choose to create digital prints from any of the images developed during the process or derived from the final product. All the images produced are my own, and I retain the right to use the images indefinitely. The originals may be commissioned for sale or purchased as original drawings, paintings, encaustics, watercolours, or inks; in addition, these images may be turned into etchings or digitalized and used to create logos, cards, and limited edition prints. Many of the unique art pieces that I create may be ordered in multiple formats (posters, cards, limited edition prints) online.


Alissa Bick Ehrenkranz

Studio 198 66A Street Delta BC V4L 1M5 Canada



2017 Hawk, Boundary Beach, Water Colour 9 x 12, South Delta Artists Guild Summer Showcase

2016 Croissant, Deep Cove, Encaustic 10 x 10, Anonymous Art Show North Vancouver Community Arts Council


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